Zubaida Apa “The Voice of Mukammal Ghar”

Zubaida Apa “The Voice of Mukammal Ghar”

Zubaida Apa “The Voice of Mukammal Ghar”

The legendary voice of Zubaida Aapa in ‘Mukammal Ghar’at Apna Karachi FM 107 is no more with us. Our beloved Zubaida Aapa, always oozing warmth and gentleness, she was always happy to help everyone, made her ways into the hearts of millions of fans across the world. Zubaida Aapa was always the first name to think about while one was combating with household issues and needed domestic tips. Zubaida Aapa who was immeasurably loved and appreciated by all, passed away on Jan 4, 2018 in Karachi after a brief illness and all the treasure of her magical recipes and totkas buried away with her.

It was the time of the year 2003, when the popular show Mukammal  Ghar of Apna Karachi FM 107 was hosted by Azra aapa (Azra Mansoor) and she had to depart from the show for her some personal affairs. The Team FM 107 was on the lookout for a substitute and found Mrs. Zubaida Tariq for the new host of Mukammal Ghar. From there, Mrs. Zubaida Tariq was taken on board at the platform of Apna Karachi FM 107 as an expert in cooking and culinary skills which started her journey from Mrs. Zubaida Tariq to ‘Zubaida Aapa’. Aapa was an imaginary role that was characterized for the host of the show. The concept was to present the host as a mature, sensible woman who is addressing to her own younger sisters and guiding them very lovingly to carry their personal lives smoothly with an objective of making a home, the perfect home ‘Mukammal Ghar… Mrs. Zubaida Tariq adapted the character so well that she very quickly gained an immense popularity as ‘Zubaida Aapa’. The show Mukammal Ghar soon came out to give a new identity to Mrs. Zubaida Tariq as Zubaida Aapa, everybody started recognizing her as Aapa and she became Aapa for the whole Pakistan. As, Zubaida Aapa got fame for her totkas and domestic tips, people brought her in parodies as well. Jokes on Zubaida Aapa’s instant tips got viral and memes on aapa were spread all over internet and mobile sms, which at times offended aapa too but it is an undeniable fact that spoofs are made on the prominent personalities. Also, it was after this huge admiration of the title Aapa that a private channel took permission from Apna Karachi FM 107 while starring Mrs. Zubaida Tariq to use the name of Zubaida Aapa as Aapa in their shows.

Born on April 4, 1945 in Hyderabad Deccan during the British era, Zubaida Aapa migrated to Karachi Pakistan with her family soon after the Independence of Pakistan. Married to Mr. Tariq, her first cousin in 1966, Zubaida Aapa had made her debut with a TV show as a cooking expert. After being introduced on radio as Zubaid Aapa, she did many other shows and appeared as a regular host/ expert cook on various TV channels but was associated with the only radio station in the country that is Apna Karachi FM 107. Although radio shows have not been as lucrative as TV shows but Zubaida Aapa remained loyal to FM 107. Her association with FM 107 was over 14 years old and she had been a regular celebrity co-host of Mukammal Ghar (Apna Karachi FM 107, Apna Islamabad FM 97 and Ballay Ballay FM Network having 16 stations in Punjab) on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, till her death. She made her appearance on Tuesday show on Jan 2, 2018 of Mukammal Ghar and her soul departed on Thursday night which made it Zubaida Aapa’s last show on FM 107.

Zubaida Aapa belonged to a very literate family who had a high influence of traditions, etiquette, refinement and reformation; she knew what it takes to be a perfect house wife and how to make up a home with harmony. She never hesitated to spread the knowledge she had and this was the reason that people from every age group were benefited equally with her immaculate guidance. People had a faith that Zubaida aapa had tips and remedies for anything and everything, they used to call in the show and asked even about diseases treatments, she always helped them with whatever possible solution she knew but https://masterra.com/ also advised them to seek medical attention and do not rely on her solely.

With so many memories leaving behind, it is painful to accept that Zubaida Aapa has been laid to eternal rest and we will never be able to meet aapa, pay salam and listen back ‘Jeeti raho beta’ with an affectionate smile and hug from her.

The death of Zubaida Aapa is undoubtedly a loss for generations, she will live forever in our hearts, she will forever be remembered.

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