Taaza Dum is a morning drive time news current affairs show that runs through 7am till 11am. As keeping in mind the morning drive, target audience for this slot are, Business owners, Corporates, semi-corporates, Students and etc. The program sheds light on biggest headlines of the newspapers and gives additional analysis on the subject. Holding Karachi as its base point. RJs of the program try to cater all Pakistan related news, stories, sports and problems in the discussion.


Mukammal Ghar is one of the most famous and the oldest shows of the station which targets purely women belonging to every walk of life and families. Be it the domestic tips, household advices, home making stuff, cooking recipes, fitness regime, personal care or the issues related to women, the show covers everything. Our popular RJ Shagufta Yasmin helps the audience to make their homes, a MUKAMMAL GHAR.


Prime Time Drive is the evening drive time show which caters all on-the-go. The show provides back to back music along with information about the daily traffic across the city with diversions for the convenient traveling Karachiites. Our News stringers moving around Karachi keeps an eye on the current happenings and issues taking place for the listeners travelling back to home in the evening.


Sirf Tum is a kind of show that touched the hearts of Karachiites in a very less time. The Show targets youngsters, youth and families and addresses the audience in a way that directly connects the topic with the them. The RJ indulges the audience and gets their responses through the station’s whatsapp group, sms portal and facebook messengers. The live responses of the audience and the active participation makes the show very interactive and lively.


Full Tafreeh as its name depicts is a very light mood show which indulges the listeners in a fun mode. It mostly includes social media trending and trolling. Who is taking the social platforms on storm and what jokes and controversies are taking place, who is becoming a hero and who is being pushed as a zero on facebook, twitter, instagram and other social sites. The content leaves the listeners laughing on the floor.


Chaart Masala is all about the celebrity gossips and latest showbiz news, what is hot and what is not. Who is in, who is out, eloping or just popping to the shops, whatever the celebrities are doing , you will get the news.

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