Apna Karachi 107 is one of the leading radio stations in Karachi. For the people of Karachi, we are “Apna Karachi FM Aik Sau Saat” – Karachi Ki Awaaz. From the city that drives the nation, over a decade back, appeared an FM station which now works to invigorate the city. Founded in 2003, Apna Karachi FM 107 owns a responsibility to contribute to the prosperity of Karachi and its associated people –the Karachiites.


We, at FM 107 make sure that this powerful medium reaches across to the listeners who crave foot tapping music, up to date news, live updates, traffic news, engaging discussions, live ball by ball cricket commentary, exciting drive time shows and much more. Apna Karachi FM 107 targeting the mass audience brings something for everyone and the audience enjoys a wide variety of shows at different time slots. The Advertisers pursuing the commercial hub of Pakistan have been successfully utilizing the channel’s huge buyer potential combined with flexibility of message and highly stimulating programming content – at extremely competitive rates.


With a journey of over 19 successful years now and having acquired Islamabad FM98 & Lahore FM98, Apna Karachi FM 107 has expanded itself as Apna FM Network


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Cricket : We are the 1st FM radio station to broadcast live cricket commentary on radio…We are the pioneers and have been broadcasting major cricket series… our aim is to deliver quality cricket commentary of all major series in future as well…  


Traffic Updates: Apna Karachi became the main infotainment platform for Karachi when it began to provide traffic updates to listeners on road suggesting detouring routes for a more convenient travel.


Weather: The Station provides a regular weather updates to its listeners. The brand extensively participates in various Events through Media Partnerships including Stage shows, Movies, Events and Exhibitions.


News: The station owned News Bulletin is known to be a reliable source of news to the listeners and Karachiites on the go. Moreover, an hourly news update goes on air taken from very trustworthy news resources.


Sports updates: The sports freak likes the timely sports updates from the national and international platforms.


Commercial Production: To cater the needs of our advertisers, we have an in-house commercial production department to produce radio version commercials and concepts for advertisement…


Live coverage of events (OB): We cover the events/ happenings LIVE through outdoor broadcasts across the city with the help of OB stringers.

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The team at APNAKARACHI FM107 consists of professionals with extensive experience in the Radio medium who continually push themselves to bring the most practical information about everything that is KARACHI. They strive to create and deliver quality programming to the listener.
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No media plan would be termed complete without FM 107 … no brand would quite carve its niche without Apna Karachi 107 … we’ve known it and now it’s for you to discover. You may utilize it too and exploit the advantage of this tool for the promotion of your own unique brand.


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APNAKARACHI FM107 has always been successful in attracting a wide range of audience
– from all categories of the society with strategic media partnerships and co-branding with
premium brands. Services of FM107 target every class of customers, through innovative
digital and BTL activities making APNAKARACHI FM107 radio surely the most suitable
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    We deliver the content that is of the pure interest of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

    listeners. Each and every program is unique in its own way and targets exclusive audience hence catering all the age groups.

    Some of our popular shows are listed below.

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